Brussels sprouts & smoked ham pasta

Full of flavor, slightly bitter, slightly salty and heavenly creamy, this meal is super easy to prepare. The incredible benefits of brussel sprouts are an added bonus. Brussel sprouts are an important source of vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, folate and fiber. All of those are crucial for healthy blood composition and good development, which is why parents often try to feed brussel sprouts to their children! To read more about the benefits of brussels sprouts click here, or read on for the recipe.

Brussels sprouts & Smoked ham Pasta

Prep time: 20 minutes
Serves 2

250 grams brussels sprouts, root & dirty leaves chopped off, halved
50 grams smoked ham, roughly chopped
150ml sour cream (or green pesto)
200 grams whole wheat or rice pasta
soy sauce to taste
pepper to taste
optional: 100 grams of carrots, roughly chopped

Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package. 4 minutes before the pasta is done, throw in the brussels sprouts to boil together with the pasta or place them on a sieve above the boiling water so they can steam. Steaming brussels sprouts is the best way to keep their benefitial properties, but if you’re feeling lazy boiling them just to the point of turning soft is also good. If you’d like to add the carrots, boil them along with  the past for the whole 10 minutes. For carrots, it is actually better to cook them to improve their release of beneficial nutrients, such as vitamin A. When the pasta & sprouts (& carrots) are done, drain of water and mix in the smoked ham and sour cream (or pesto). Add pepper and soy sauce to taste, stir well and enjoy.


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