Avocado Bread Spread

Avocado Sandwiches are one of my favorite breakfasts and weekday lunches on the go. It’s rare to have such a nutritient snack available in such a short time!

You will need:
for 2 sandwiches

2 slices of wholegrain bread
1 avocado
1 table spoon extra virgin organic olive oil
Some salt & pepper
Optional: sprouts or cherry tomatoes, to your liking


Cut the avocado in half (cut around the pit in the middle) and separate the two halves. This will be very easy if the avocado is ripe. Spread avocado onto the bread slices as if it was butter or any other bread spread. Finish off with olive oil and salt & pepper on top. Add some bean sprouts of cherry tomatoes for more vitamins and some variation. Enjoy a glass of cucumber water or freshly squeezed orange juice on the side, and feel good all day following this awesome snack! 🙂

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