Super Simple Banana Milkshake // Instant Energiser

When you are super hungry, arriving home from a long day at work and wishing dinner would just magically pop up on the table, make the following drink for yourself – you will instantly feel better.  Also, it’s a perfect way to entertain your stomach until dinner!

Blending bananas releases a lot of flavour and natural sugars; this drink tastes sweet and has a lot of flavour without needing to add any additives! Of course, you can add some honey if you prefer. Special mention: if you suffer from acne, you might want to make this milkshake with almond milk instead of cow milk, since growth factors in cow milk have been shown to cause/worsen acne (see link below). Things you will need: 1 glass of milk, 1 medium size banana. Blend in blender. Drink up, yumm!



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