Red Kidney Beans for Heart Health // PREVENTION

The often forgotten ingredient in our diet, red kidney beans are an essential super food for a healthy body. Beans are super-concentrated nutrient powerhouses, that can be easily combined in many recipes. They are fat-free, but a great source of fibre and iron, as well as a good source of calcium. They can help prevent irritable bowel disease and keep intestines healthy. Boiled red kidney beans are a suitable food for people with high cholesterol (since they are cholesterol-free), those who want to lower their risk of chronic heart disease and those with diabetes type 2 (since they improve glycemic control and hyperlipidemia). Red kidney beans consumption showed an 82% decrease in risk of heart attacks in a 25 year long follow-up study performed in 7 countries (among them USA, Japan and countries of Northern and Southern Europe). Additionally, red kidney beans are a great source of protein – if you eat little meat, you should consider including more beans in your diet.

They might take a long time to make it, but it’s worth it. Red kidney beans need to be soaked in water at room temperature for 10 – 12 hours (overnight for example), and then boiled in water on low heat for 1-2 hours, stirring occasionally. That’s why I would recommend making a batch in the weekend, when you have some time for food preparation on the side of your usual chores. Taste a bean each half hour after the 1 hour mark to know when exactly you can stop cooking them.

red kidney beans and onion saladRed kidney bean & onion salad, simple and perfect as a lazy afternoon snack


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