3 Quick & Healthy Snacks

The following snacks are very satisfying, but also very good for your body. They take under 10 short minutes to prepare (well, except for the buttered carrots, they take 15 minutes but are definitely worth the wait).

Edemame: a perfect salty snack
Edemame are soy beans that are still in their cover. They are (light) green and you can often get them as a side dish at sushi restaurants. A friend once made them for me and I have been making propoganda ever since! Buy frozen pre-boiled soy beans at an Asian store or a better supermarket. When you get hungry for a snack, place edemame (I’ll let you decide how hungry you are; for a light snack a 100g is more than enough) in a pan with boiling water (unsalted, because you will salt the edemame later). Let it boil for 10 minutes. You can try one just to make sure they are cooked (soft to eat). Drain of water, place in a bowl and salt (grainy sea salt tastes even better than regular salt, buth both will do the trick). Toss around! Now your snack is done. How to eat: just grab one, put it in your mouth, and get the beans from the inside out with your teeth (and then throw away the skin). Chances are, you found your new love!


Cherry tomatoes: a perfect neutral snack
Ahh, my go-to snack! It’s so easy to pick some of these up at a local farmers market or your supermarket and they will be waiting loyaly for you when you need a quick snack to satisfy your munchy cravings. Try to get organic if you can, althought I also often don’t because those can get quite pricey.

Buttered carrots: a perfect sweetish snack
I know, I know… am I even allowed to say butter on this health blog? While, yes, in this case especially! Carrots contain fat-soluble vitamins, which means its good to eat carrots with something fatty. Additionally, carrots release their vitamins better when they are heated, making this snack all the better. Hooray! Take a spoon of grass-fed butter (let’s for a moment call that the only healthy butter), and heat it up in a pan. Throw in sticks of carrots (cut each medium carrot in half and then cut four pieces of each half). All the carrots sticks should be approximately the same size so that they are done at the same time. Heat on low fire and stir every few minutes so that the carrots don’t get burned on one side. The only down side of this dish is that it does take around 15-20 minutes for the carrots to get done, but usually once I get going with making them then 15 minutes doesn’t seem so long anymore (as it did when I was hungry and before I started cooking).

delicious carrots

Young green olives – love ’em or leave ’em
I was not a fan of olives for a long time, whereas these days I tolerate them. But, olives are healthy as we all know … and young green olives have a much milder flavour than other green and black olives! Therefore I can not only stand them but even find them quite refreshing on a summer day and as a pre-dinner snack. I usually find them at the local farmers market – if you are going to buy them from a supermarket, ask some of your friends which brands they like because some jarred olives can, unfortunately, taste horrible (and never ever get them canned, you don’t know how long that stuff’s been in there!!).

source myluscioustemple dot com


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