Sushi time!

In Okinawa, Japan, people used to have the highest life expectancy in the world. So, following the good example of old Okinawans, here is a reminder to love a typical Japanese dish: sushi! Aside from being healthy, it is fun to make with company and is perfect for lazy weekends.

Ingredients for 3

Bell pepper, 1 piece, cut longitudinally into thin slices
Avocado, 1 piece, cubed
Cucumber, 1 piece, cut in thin slices like paprika
Egg omelette from 2 eggs, in small pieces
Smoked wild salmon (a bit pricey, usually 100 grams will do)
or Wild tuna steak (one can is enough), depending on your preference (or get both types of fish and skip the egg if you want!)
Nori sea weed for sushi, 12 sheets
Sushi rice, 200g
Soy sauce, a few tablespoons
Wasabi sauce (but be careful, it’s very spicy!), a few teaspoons
(all can be bought in Asian supermarkets or a better local supermarket)

sushi delight

Prepare the rice according to the instructions. The rolls are easy to make but a bit difficult to explain in text, a few minute video is much better. Go to and type in ´How to make a sushi roll´, there are several different sushi rolls you can make it. Or, here is a video you can use. Don´t worry about making it perfect, just enjoy yourself and your healthy food!

Douzo meshiagare.

sushiAn egg and crab maki with green salad and cucumber, served with soy sauce and a dash of wasabi. Mnjam!


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