How to deal with 4 major cravings

We’ve all got something we crave for when it comes to food. One has a sweet tooth, the other one loves fatty chips and sausages, and some overload on unhealthy foods and end up not taking in enough nutrients.  If you belong to either of these groups, read on for tips on dealing with major cravings. These tips are made to help you get a few steps closer to overall health and wellbeing.

Taking care of your wellbeing is important – and a key to wellbeing is balance. It’s important to find a balance between all the factors that influence your life for the better or for the worse. That can mean balance between work and de-stressing, or between time with loved ones and time for yourself. But, I believe it can also mean balance between eating things that are good for you and eating things that are harmful to your body. Ideally you want to have a balance shift towards the positive influences, to counter effect any things weighing you down.

Advertisements make it a little bit difficult to make up our own mind about what is healthy and what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dairy is everywhere, and all of a sudden even Nutella or Coca-Cola are trying to convince you that you need them for a better and healthy life. But you don’t. If those advertisements were not around, what would you eat? What can you eat to be healthier and feel better?

That’s a difficult question that you can ponder on for a while. But here are some concrete suggestions on how to deal with four major cravings:

* Sugar fanatic? Try adding cinnamon to your desserts and drinking a lot of green tea as a small change towards a healthier life. Try replacing some of the chocolate you eat with raw cocoa nibs, they will help you with the addiction. Is it the sugar or just simply eating something to enhance your mood that you need? Could a 10 minute walk aroud the block have the same positive effect? Or perhaps munching on a banana-pudding (recipe coming soon) would do just as good of a job. Start reading the ingredients on the sugary products you buy. Realise that every cookie has over 80 calories and that a person should not eat more than 30g of sugar per day. Show interest in what you eat.

* Craving dairy (cheese, milk) at every meal? Harvard researchers recommend no more than one glass of dairy per day. You could try consuming yoghurt sometimes instead of milk (it is less acidic to your body), finding a farmer with fresh organic cow or goat milk in your area or making your own almond milk. You could also switch from cereals to oatmeal, and make it with fresh water instead of milk (it’s not as bland as it sounds). Try having a fruit salad instead of cereal for breakfast.

* Loving red meat a bit too much? Try to make a dinner recipe from this blog once or twice a week instead. Try making more turkey. If you are the type who suffers through his wallet, buy organic meat and feel the price. That’s almost a definite way of starting to eat less meat. I don’t believe in replacing meat with soy. But you could try eating more fish (when you are out in restaurants, for example), or acknowledging that although you might not truly enjoy vegetarian food, it is good for your body. Try making dishes with many spices, such as turmeric, red chilli or ginger. Various curries with lentils (disguised in the spicy flavour of the curry) might be something for you! You can easily pick up curries from an Indian take-away (they usually have several vegetarian options). Or if you really really really have to eat meat as much as you do, do your health a favour and don’t eat it with carbohydrates (potato, pasta, white rice) but with vegetables (steamed broccoli, green salad, baked carrots, ratatouille) and/or brown rice or buckwheat noodles instead.

* Starving yourself? Did you know that no matter how much you eat, you still might be missing out on the nutrients if you don’t eat the right foods. Try making a routine out of adding a spoon of flax seed to your sandwiches or salads, hemp seeds to your savoury meals, a teaspoon of bee pollen in your freshly squeezed fruit juices and/or a handful of spinach or raw kale to your everyday meals. A lazy night might call for a glass of good red wine (preferably organic) with your meal, and an assignement that must be finished could be accompanied by a handful of raw almonds and unsweetened dried cranberries or apricots, instead of junk food. Don’t forget to drink 1.5L of water per day – hydration is important.

balanceTrying to find a balance in everything you do might be the best step towards living healthier.

Whether you decide to have a healthy breakfast in the mornings and continue everything else like before, or whether you choose to turn your whole life up side down and start to live absolutely calm and healthy, just doing someting for yourself should be an enjoyable fact. Feeling inspired?!


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