DIY : Wonderful Winter Tea

A warm cup of tea can help you recover from a rough day, relax on the couch or even power up and keep writing that long paper/thesis/blog post that you just wanna finish real bad. Tea bags from the supermarket are an easy, and sometimes very good option, but not always! The good ones are the ones with whole leaves and flowers of the plants have been used. But, some of these teas can be quite pricey. How to make wonderful winter teas yourself? Check it out!

Tea can be store bough but you can also make amazing teas using fresh plants!
Tea can be store bought but you can also make amazing teas using fresh plants such as ginger, lemon and chamomille!

Tea Thyme: buying fresh thyme at your local farmers market does not cost a lot. Using a stalk of fresh thyme and a cup of boiling water results in aromatic tea that is healing for the throat. So, if you’ve got a cold, try this remedy with a spoonful of honey, and see the wonderful results!

Ginger Tea: if you enjoy/don’t mind a slightly spicy after-taste, try ginger tea! It’s a great mild infusing tea that does a great job at keeping you warm (of course warm water does that, but also the spiciness of the ginger). It looks a bit like dirty water at first, so let’s say that presentation is not its main quality. But if you forgive its looks, I think you’ll be plesantly surprised with the rest! You’ll need: a half-a-centimeter thin slice of ginger root, peeled + boiling water (you can refill as many times as you want, eventually the flavor will be too mild and you can get a new slice of ginger).

Fresh Mint Tea: when making this well known combination, don’t use too many mint stalks (2-3 is enough) because otherwise the tea can get bitter. So, 2-3 stalks of fresh mint + boiling water. When it’s cooled down, add a spoonful of honey and enjoy!

Hot Lemon Water: this is indeed a slightly acidic drink, so I would not recommend it if you’ve got a sensitive stomach. But if not, you can certainly consume this metabolism-boosting potion to keep warm in the winter. You’ll need: juice of half a lemon (organic), or less (depends on how acidic you like it) + boiled water that you have first let cool down to the point of being able to drink it (this way the vitamin C from the lemon is also preserved (vitamin C breaks down at a temperature higher than 70 degress Celsius)).

Chamomille Flowers: can be found for super cheap, which is awesome because pure chamomille tea is not only aromatic, calming (so great before bed time) and healthy but can also be applied on skin for its calming effect on small infections (when cooled down), and is hence also suitable to keep babies’ (or grown ups’) eyes clean (if they have a small infection).

Chamomille flowers, eucalyptus & sage mix.
Chamomille flowers, eucalyptus & sage mix.



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