Are Cereals for Breakfast Good for You?

Known as one of the easiest breakfast options on the planet, sugar-loaded cereals with non-organic milk might not be as good for you as you think. So, if you are wondering why you are running out of energy half way through the morning, you might find your answer here. Also read on to learn how to make healthier alternatives.

The best part is that you can feel much better without having to ditch your favorite breakfast ! The results of choosing healthier alternatives are many – more energy, more vitamin and nutrients intake, positive effect on diabetes prevention, improved skin condition, and a better mood!

Major Problems
There are a few major problems with commercial cereal, to sum them up they are :
– GMO wheat (gluten),
– sugar and
– artificial flavors, aromas and conservatives.
Don´t believe that this is what most cereals are based on? Just read the ingredients list of your own pack! If sugar is one of the first ingredients named, it means your product contains a lot of sugar (usually more than 50%). If your cereals are sugar free, watch out for artificial sweeteners (that are disputably carcinogenic).

Many companies are not shy about putting the words HEALTHY, GOOD FOR YOU and LOW FAT on the front cover of the cereals, although the ingredients list on the back of the same pack clearly states otherwise. Moreover, low fat cereals are nothing to be proud of – OF COURSE cereals should be low fat, considering that they consist almost purely of carbohydrates and not fats! Mentioning this is like saying that milk is white.

Finally, the ultimate problem with cereals is that people who buy those with the ´healthy´ label think they are being responsible about their health – while they are ingesting surplus sugar, gluten and chemicals each morning. And if eating ‘healthy’ cereals is causing you to skip on that real apple, real banana and real raspberries later in the day because ‘you already had something healthy’, then this is where eating cereals can become especially problematic.

Unhealthy Milk?
There is a huge discussion concerning milk going on in the world of nutrition. I personally believe that organic milk, preferably goat or sheep milk, is okay – and that any non-organic, hormone stuffed milk is not! Dairy products, unless organic, are derived from animals that have been treated very poorly and in ways which are not natural to their development. They do not have the space to move around, see daylight, or eat natural foods (the only food that is natural to a cow is grass). This results in bad quality, unhealthy milk that everyone can buy at the supermarket. Partially due to this, Harvard researchers advise the consumption of no more than 1 glass of dairy product per day, so if you already take this in with your cereal, try to skip consuming dairy at other meals of the day.

If you are so used to having your cereals in the morning that you don´t want to let it go – have no fear, there is still plenty you can do to raise your energy levels in the morning! You can try consuming your cereals with organic (goat) milk or yoghurt and combining your cereals with fruit. If you are ready for a real challenge, you can use your cereals as a topping to your yoghurt + fruit, instead of using cereals as the basis of the breakfast.

Bananas covered with goat yoghurt and a topping of deliciously sweet cereals!
Bananas covered with goat yoghurt and a topping of deliciously sweet cereals!

Also, you can check out the super quick, healthy and easy Breakfasts on this blog. There are many breakfast recipes that can be found online, but even if you search for healthy breakfast recipes, in my experience there is a lot of misinformation out there and most breakfast recipes that claim to be healthy are not healthy at all. That is why I am working on this blog – to provide you with the right information!

Of course, it´s not all in food. If you hate Mondays it might be because you dislike your job, because of a bullying colleague or because of the long commute. Even if the reasons for your low morning energy are many more than just your cereals, granting yourself a good breakfast can certainly help with your overall mood. If you treat yourself better, you´ll be more of the best you can be!

Good luck and bon appetit! 🙂


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