Harvard Healthy Eating

I ❤ HARVARD SCIENCE, and I love sharing it with you! The following eating plate, published by Harvard School of Public Health, depicts something very similar to what I believe in when it comes to healthy nutrition.

What does the Harvard healthy eating plate say?

harvard eating plate
Healthy Eating Plate published by Harvard School of Public Health

1. Vegetables are the main good guys – I should make sure that vegetables make up at least a quarter of all the food I eat in one day.

2. Combined, vegetables + fruits, should make up for more than half of the food I eat in a day.

3. Grains (bread, cookies, cereals), should make up less than a quarter of the food I consume.

4. A small fraction of what I eat in a day should be healthy protein. Harvard states meat as source of protein, which it is of course, but in my opinion it is important to stock up on healthy plant-based proteins instead of relying only on meat. Plant based sources of protein are, for example: nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, cashewnuts), legumes (beans, lentils, hummus) and green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach).

5. Note the healthy eating plate states that dairy products should be consumed in moderation.

When it comes to oils, there are many other healthy choices aside from olive oil. In fact, many other healthy oils are much more suitable to cook with (virgin olive oil can actually transform to trans fats when heated, so it’s best to use virgin olive oil raw and use other oils when cooking).

Also, vegetables are a much larger category than just your lettuce, paprika and cucumber. Think ginger, onions, chilli peppers and super-potent garlic! The possibilities are endless!

Ana’s Bananas recipes that fit the Harvard eating plate

Most of Ana’s Bananas recipes fit the description! They’re rich in vegetables and wholegrains, include many fruits, are low in dairy and aren’t too oily! Check out the Soups and SaladsLight Meals and Satisfying Comfort Foods section for inspiration!

Harvard Eating Plate vs. USDA Recommendations

It’s interesting to compare!



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