Tasty Carrot & Parsnip Sticks

New Year is approaching and you might be wondering what you could make as a healthy snack! If you opt for this one, you know you are entering the new year in a tasty and healthy way!

Recipe for 1 bowl of snacking

– 100g carrots, peeled if not organic
– 100g parsnip, peeled if not organic
– 25 butter, preferably organic

Cut the parsnip into 1cm thick sticks. Place in a buttered pan and let stand on low heat for about 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, cut the carrot into 1cm thick stripes and then add them to the parsnip. Leave on low heat until both carrot and parsnip are soft, so for about another 15 minutes. The carrots will become slightly sweet while parsnip will have a very mild flavor. Serve in a bowl and enjoy your might while gathering compliments from your guests ;).

Carrot & Parsnip Sticks are a great appetizers, and go well with wine!
Carrot & Parsnip Sticks go well with sipping red wine!

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