“Flu Remedy” Noodles with Baby Corn, Green beans, Garlic & Red Chili

I HAVE A COLD! 😦 Do you have a cold as well? Welcome, and let’s get better together!

TIME TO WHIP UP A FLU REMEDY in form of food. Then I can go back to bed and enjoy snacking on it for the rest of the day between sneezing and coughing. Tip: make a double batch of the recipe if you dread cooking again later.

OUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN KEEPING HEALTHY so it’s especially important to eat healthy when we’re sick, eating junk food is not a good idea. Veggies provide nutrients that support the immune system. Also, they help keep you hydrated. Remember to also drinking lots of water, tea or fresh lemonade (with ginger) when sick.

anti flu noodles

“Get well Soon” Noodles with Baby Corn, Green beans, Garlic & …

Serves 2. Prep time: 20 minutes.

Noodles (I enjoy egg or udon noodles), enough for 2, cooked
Carrot, 1 big
Baby corn, 80g
Green beans, 100g
Mushrooms, 100g
Scallions, 4
Root of ginger, 3cm
Red chili pepper, 1, finely chopped
Garlic, 2 cloves, minced
Sesame oil, 3 tblsp
Soy sauce or oyster sauce to taste

1. HEAT SESAME OIL in a frying pan.

2. CUT BABY CORN into 1 cm pieces. Cut up carrot into thin sticks (2cm long). Fry baby corn, red chili pepper and carrot on low heat for 7 minutes.

3. IN THE MEANWHILE, CUT GREEN BEANS into small pieces and the mushrooms into thin slices. Add to the pan and heat for another 7 minutes.

4. CUT SPRING ONION into 1cm pieces and finely chop the ginger root (after peeling). Add to the pan together with garlic for the last 5 minutes of cooking – until the spring onion has softened, but is still crunchy.

5. ADD SAUCE AND COOKED NOODLES. Stir well so that everything is mixed. Serve in a bowl with chopsticks (or spoon and fork).

Will you be trying this dish? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon!



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