Grilled Herby Garlic Bread

For all the bread lovers out there, here’s a recipe for perfectly healthy grilled bread! Ps. it makes a match made in heaven with summery soups or lovely, fresh salads!

Prep time: 5- 10 minutes

Garlic clove, minced
Italian herbs, oregano/basil/thyme
Olive oil, 1/4 cup
Bread of your choice, eg. baguette

Grill pan/BBQ

1. Heat up the grill pan on medium/high heat.
2. Mix the minced garlic, Italian herbs and olive oil together in a bowl and let sit for a few minutes.
3. In the meanwhile, cut the bread into diagonal slices. Then dip it on both sides into the olive oil mix.
4. Grill the bread for 2-3min on each side, until golden brown and grilled!

Enjoy your grilled herby garlic bread while it’s still warm. I recommend having it as an appetizer or as the perfect bread for dipping into a warm summery soup!

grilled herby bread

Benefits of this meal
While conventional store bought garlic bread is loaded with chemicals and garlic powder – this grilled herby garlic bread actually contains all the natural and healthy ingredients which make it so simple to make, yet so healthy to eat!

Olive oil and garlic are daily foods of centerians (people who live to be more than a 100).

For those with high blood pressure or heart issues, olive oil and garlic are both saints of heart health, keeping your blood vessels healthy and your heart protected from disease.

This grilled bread is a great alternative to store bought garlic bread because it does not contain preservatives, cheese, butter or sour cream (the most caloric and unhealthy parts of store bought garlic bread!), so you can certainly enjoy some as a part of your weight loss program. If you will be eating it beside a summery vegetable soup, it fits perfectly into a healthy diet, not to mention if combined with a lovely and fresh summer salad!


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