Drunk Peaches

A dear friend of mine made a lovely peach & yoghurt dessert the other night. I found it splendid! With permission, I now share the recipe with you all, for amazing sassy dates or girly nights to come. 🙂

For 4 persons. Prep time: 20 minutes.

Wild peaches, 4
White wine, 400ml
Sugar, brown, unrefined, 2 tbsp
Organic yoghurt, about 200ml per person

Wash the peaches. Place them in a deep cooking pan and cover them with wine. Turn the fire up high, add the sugar and let the mixture simmer for 20 minutes,turning the peaches occassionally so they cook all around.

druk peaches 2

By the time the peaches are cooked and soft, their skin will be easy to remove (use your fingers or a spoon to do so). Also, about this time, the wine and sugar will have become a delicously sweet and thick caramely sauce, mmm. Now it’s time to serve your dessert!

This dessert is simple to serve. Place the yoghurt into four bowls. Add one peach per bowl. Sprinkle with magic sweetness, a.k.a. thickened wine and sugar sauce. Then – enjoy your masterpiece. I know I did! P.s. remind your guests to eat around the pit!

drunk peaches 1

Benefits of this meal

 Drunk peaches is a light and healthy dessert, yet still a sweet one although it is relatively low in sugar. Most of the sweet flavor comes from the natural sweetness released by the wild peaches.

 (Raw ) Organic yoghurt contains bowel-friendly bacteria. These bacteria support your natural bowel flora, and happy bowels = happy body.

Daily fruit intake is important for healthy blood vessels. Fruit also contains fibre and many other nutrients which support your wellbeing!


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