Cucumber Water

In need of a healthy refreshment on a hot summer day? Nothing will refresh you quite like cucumber water will! This is how you make it:

You’ll need
Prep time: 2 minutes

Cucumber, washed, one half quartered or cut into thin slices lengthwise
Water, 2L
Glass bottle/karaf

Place the cucumber into the glass bottle and add the water. You can drink the cucumber water straight away or keep it in the fridge (refilling the water as neccessary for up to 2 days) as a replenishing refreshement. You’ll be surprised by the amount of refreshing flavor the cucumber gives to this drink!

cucumber water 2


You can do the same with fresh mint leaves or strawberries for variations of this delicious infused water.

Benefits of cucumber water

Extremely low on calories

Infused with refreshing flavor without artificial additives

Infused with minerals from the healthy cucumber

cucumber water



2 thoughts on “Cucumber Water

  1. For me Cucumber is a synonym of refreshment, as I usually eat cucumber in a salad that too almost every day during the summer time, but I’ve never heard about cucumber water before, I just googled it and found out that it’s not uncommon and helps our body to stay hydrated with extra vitamins and minerals.

    That’s why I love blogs like yours Ana, it helps us to learn new effective yet simple ways for better health and life, Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Seema for those kind words! I’m very glad you are enjoying the blog!

      Vitamin infused water can also be made using other fruits and herbs, such as strawberries, kiwis, mint, lemon, parsley.. or a combination! Mmm… 🙂

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