Mulled Wine (Gluhwein) Recipe

MULLED WINE IS wine cooked with spices, oranges and some sugar. It could be considered a winter version of home made sangria. Mulled wine is very easy and simple to make, so I think everyone should be trying to make their own this winter instead of buying pre-packed from the supermarket – because it tastes better home-made and because it is healthier that way (without artificial flavors, spice extracts, and possible conservatives).

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– Red wine of your choice, 1 liter, preferably organic
– Orange, 1. One half peeled and cut in cubes, another half unpeeled and cut in slices.
– Gluhwein spices (for example, from Dille & Kamille), 2 tablespoons
– Sugar, 2 tablespoons

POUR RED WINE IN A PAN and warm it up, without bringing it to a boil. When warm, add the cubes of orange, the sugar and the spices. Stir a little and then leave on very low heat for a few minutes. Have a taste, take off heat when you are satisfied with the flavor (when the spices have had enough time to infuse into the wine). Pass the wine through a sieve to catch all the spices and orange cubes. Serve the mulled wine in heat-proof glasses with a slice of orange on the side. Enjoy!


Benefits of this holiday drink

Low on calories compared to other holiday drinks, such as hot chocolate, lattes or strong liquers

Red wine is heart-healthy, since mulled wine is not brought to a boil it keeps most of its benefitial properties

Spices are anti-inflammatory

Fresh orange slices are rich in vitamin C




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