Tuscan Bean Salad with Tuna & Parsley

WOHO, IT’S SUMMER SALAD TIME! This time with heart-healthy beans, all-around healthy red onion, fresh parsley and (sustainably-caught!) tuna. It’s possible to make this salad with or without pasta. Sometimes adding pasta is lovely since it makes it a truly substantial meal. But, if you want a lighter salad, are cutting down on carbs or are avoiding gluten, leave out the pasta for an equally amazing taste experience!


tuscan tuna and bean salad

Prep time: 15 minutes from start to finish.
Serves 4 large portions or 6 portions served with a side-salad.

Beans, cannellini and/or brown, canned, dry weight 800g
Tuna, 250g
Red onion, 1/2
Lemon juice, 60ml
Olive oil, extra virgin, organic, 3-4tblsp
Fresh parsley, 2 tblsp
Optional: pasta, fussili works well, 100g dry weight

1. IF USING PASTA: Boil pasta according to instructions on the package.

2. FINELY CHOP THE RED ONION and mix in bowl with lemon juice. Let stand as you proceed with the rest.

3. RINSE AND DRAIN THE BEANS. Place in a big bowl, add tuna chunks (and drained pasta).

4. ADD OLIVE OIL to red onion and lemon juice. Mix well and drizzle over the bean tuna salad.

5. SPRINKLE ROUGHLY CHOPPED PARSLEY on top, mix well and serve.

THIS SALAD CAN BE ENJOYED warm or cold. And enjoyed it will be! 🙂

tuscan tuna and bean salad 2




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