Mexican Style Wrap with Spiced Beef, Corn & Spinach // Healthier Wrap 101

HERE’S AN EASY-PEASY WRAP RECIPE that anyone can make and enjoy! It’s pure, healthy and full of fibre, good fats and vitamins! Most of all, it’s delicious.

IF YOU’RE USED TO REGULAR CHEESE AND SOUR CREAM TOPPED tortilla, this alternative might take some getting used to. However, I think it’s definitely worth a try because really – it is veeery tasty! (Plus, may I mention: much healthier due to much less salt, low carb and no trans fat content).

EACH WRAP CONTAINS ONE SERVING of your veg & fruit 5-a-day.

Make sure to find organic meat at your local supermarket, or else leave out the meat altogether.

healthy wraps with spinach (12)

Mexican Style Wraps with Spiced Beef, Corn & Spinach

Makes 5 wraps. Prep time: 15 minutes from scratch to finish.

Organic minced beef, 250g
Onion, 1, diced
Garlic, 2 cloves, minced
Cumin powder, 1 teaspoon
Paprika powder, spicy if you like, 1 teaspoon
Fresh spinach leaves, washed, 2 handfuls
Corn, jarred, rinsed, drained, 100-150 grams
Avocado, ripe, medium-sized, 1
Tomatoes, 2 ripe and tasty ones, cut in squares
Wholegrain tortilla, 5

1. PLACE MINCED BEEF IN A PAN and spread it around. Heat on medium heat until turned brown in color (I found it handy to pour off some of the fluid that comes out). Then add onion to the pan and fry for a few minutes, until onion slightly softened, stirring occasionally. At last, add the spices and garlic and fry for another minute or two, then take off heat.

2. IN ANOTHER PAN, or in an oven, warm up the wraps (this takes 10 seconds in a pan and a few minutes in an oven warmed to 100 degrees).

3. TOP OFF EACH TORTILLA WITH spinach, avocado, corn, tomato, and spiced beef.

Alright, it’s a wrap! …  😀

Not sure how to wrap a torilla? I’ve found a video to help!



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