Welcome to the Countryside: My vacation getaway // Photo report

Although chocolate makes me happy and cake makes me feel fuzzy inside, there is nothing I love as much as family. Here’s some travel inspiration, based on my wonderful countryside getaway, whilst visiting family in Croatia <3.

THIS VACATION WAS GREEN, SUNNY & DELICIOUS. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.



COUNTRYSIDE ALWAYS SURPRISES ME BY HOW SELF-SUSTAINING IT IS. You would think a city is developed, and sure a city is, but then you realise that villages and countryside are really the main sources of food we have, and that cities (and their supermarkets) would be nothing without them!

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IS IT STRANGE THAT THE FIRST THING THAT FLEW INTO MY MIND just now is: how did they have food on Star Fleet – I mean they didn’t have a meadow or anything on board? Although I do remember an episode where there were some Star Fleet staff in a sort of garden room, tending to some plans (Star trek fans, watch out ;))?!


FROM (ORGANICALLY GROWN) GREEN VEGETABLES, to ultimate long-keeping foods like the potato, the countryside grows it all. Fruits are not unrepresented – delicious plums and ripe, rounded pears growing on trees, reminding me how awesome trees and their fruits are <3.



ANOTHER CASE IN POINT, (LUCKILY I AM A MORNING PERSON) – preparing freshly picked corn cobs in the morning, for a tasty lunch in the afternoon!



OKAY, MAYBE I LOOK A LITTLE BIT CONFUSED IN THE PHOTOS, but some of these things were a little bit new to me – like pear picking straight from the tree (haha, look at us poking those pears with a stick!! :)).


FINALLY, WHAT’S COUNTRYSIDE WITHOUT A BBQ? Countless zucchinis from the garden were delicious grilled and served alongside (organic) meat and a big summer salad!


Thanks for reading, and I hope you too have (had) a lovely summer holiday (or that you at least feel inspired for one, after seeing these countryside photos 🙂 ).



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