Homemade Dutch ‘Appelflap’

AN “APPELFLAP” IS A TRADITIONAL DUTCH DESSERT PASTRY stuffed with apple, raisins, cinnamon and sugar, and covered with sugar granules. Lots of people have it for breakfast. In this recipe, I ditch the sugar and raisins and realise these apple flaps are still sweet and delicious – while obviously being healthier than the supermarket version. Hooray!

appel flap 1


Prep time 30 minutes. Makes 4.
2 Elstar or other apples, diced
4 squares of about 15x15cm pastry dough (store-bought, I find it in the freezer section, or homemade)
Cinnamon, 2 teaspoons

1. IN A BOWL, mix up the diced apples with cinnamon.

2. FILL PASTRY SQUARES WITH APPLE & CINNAMON MIX on one side, then flip the other side over as to close the triangle. Press the ends together (soak your fingers in water to make the ends stick together better). Sprinkle with water.

3. YOU’VE NOW MADE A TRIANGLE FILLED WITH GOODNESS! Repeat the procedure with the other 3 pastry dough squares. Bake at 200 Celsius for 15-17 minutes until golden. Enjoy and marvel at the amazing taste of healthy apple flaps.

EXTRA SUGGESTIONS: add slices of banana, or small chunks of walnuts, for a more intense flavor profile! EET SMAKKELIJK! (“Have a nice meal!”)

appel flap 2


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