Thai Red Curry with Shrimp & Mango

I AM TAKING A COURSE ON SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY AT THE MOMENT where a very interesting movie came up: ´The Insider´ (youtube / wiki). It is a movie from the 90s, based on a true story about a biochemist who was a whistleblower for the tobacco industry (an industry that, at the time, claimed towards the general public that tobacco was harmless and ignored the reports of its´ scientists about the dangers of tobacco for health). With main actors Al Pacino and Russel Crowe!

Just wanted to tell you about it since it inspired me, and made me remember again how as scientists and doctors, we have a responsibility to find facts and stand up for transparency in our field – and how that is pretty great! 🙂 But anyway, now for the meal of today…!

thai red curry (2)

An easy, plant-based plate full of nutrient-rich vegetable goodness, mixed with tasty shrimps and exotic mango. Done in 20-25 minutes, from scratch! Use store bought red curry (I like the fair trade ´Thai Rode Curry´paste, which I find at Hoogvliet or Albert Heijn supermarkets, or at the ‘Wereldwinkel’) or make your own if you know how (I don’t know yet, so please share your beautiful tips with me below if you do!).

By the way, brown rice has more fibers and therefore a better glycemic index than white rice, so you can always do good for your health by exchanging white for brown rice in any meal!

This meal is dairy free and gluten free.


Thai Red Curry with Shrimps & Mango

Prep time: 20-25 minutes. Serves 3-4 for dinner/lunch.

Coconut milk, 400-450 ml
Sweet potatoes, 2 medium
Green beans, 3 handfuls
Red curry paste, 2 tablespoons
Defrosted shrimps, 150-200 grams
Mango, 1 juicy one
Brown rice, 150g
Fresh coriander, handful (optional)

1. Cook brown rice according to instructions.

2. Trim & chop green beans, sweet potatoes & mango. Warm up coconut milk in a pan and simmer sweet potato for 10 minutes. Add green beans & red curry paste and simmer for 5 more minutes. Add shrimps & simmer 5 more minutes, then add mango dices and take off fire.

3. Enjoy the red curry with brown rice! Add a handful of fresh, chopped coriander on top if you like!

thai red curry (3)



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