My Seasonal Springtime Groceries List (Free Pdf)

IT’S A CHALLENGE TO BUY SEASONAL, especially since supermarkets offer so many fruits and veggies all year round! But still, seasonal is usually fresher, local and tastier than fruits and veggies that have been transported half way accross the planet, or frozen for months before coming to supermarket shelves.

The first time I started thinking about what’s in season, I proudly told my boyfriend’s mom that I ate strawberries and pears for breakfast, and she said “Now that’s a mix of spring and autumn!”. Pears are seasonal in autumn while strawberries are in season in June. There’s no way they could have both been fresh & local, and have ended up on my plate at the same time.

I dream of becoming a domestic goddess who knows her seasons and her produce; baking pumpkin pies in autumn, making parsnip fries in winter, enjoying raspberry crumble in spring and fresh fruit salads with watermelon and strawberries in the summer. So, obviously, I am going to need to get into what’s seasonal. 😀

If I want to buy local apples, for example, and I live in The Netherlands, that means I should buy them in autumn. A father of a friend of mine was an apple farmer, so I know that local apples available in spring time are apples that have been frozen for months (since the autumn harvest), and have lost much of their fresh nutritional value. Apples that are ‘fresh’ in spring or summer are apples shipped from abroad, usually South America. That’s a long way to go and a high price to pay for one apple!

Okay, not that I’ve anything against apples. I looove apples – they taste delicious in all variations of the typically Dutch Appeltaart, it’s a luxury to have them all year round, plus my friends Rochelle and Jaime will know me as the expert on German Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesosse. But, to wake up my senses from winter hibernation I need delicious fresh new flavors!

So, I made a list of healthy, seasonal groceries. Now you can go to the (super/local)market any time, and even in a hurry you can choose the bestest groceries, good for your health!

6 Benefits of healthy seasonal groceries

    Let’s face it: fresh tastes better!
    Healthy seasonal groceries are lower in calories than unhealthy, fattening foods.
    Eating healthy seasonal groceries will help you maintain a healthy weight (or diet).
    Fresh, seasonal produce is the richest in nutrients!
    Beta-carotenes from green, orange and red fruits & veggies will give your face a healthy glow!
    Fresh foods are low in sugars and rich in fibre. Eating them will keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the (work)day, giving you plenty of energy and clarity for the whole day!


Here’s my free Springtime Groceries List in printable Pdf!


Anas Bananas Springtime Groceries List


Stay fresh & lovely!



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