Dearest reader, I am taking a short sabbatical in order to get inspired, read more cookbooks & develop recipes.

sabbatical, ana banana, blog, pause, inspiration, nigella, susan jane white, minimalist baker

I can’t wait for all this to happen! I strongly feel there’s much more potential & creativity I have in me than what I have been able to express on the blog so far! I’ve been cracking my head too many times about how to write, how to photograph and how to indulge readers who have been with me from the start. By taking time to figure out my style and my passion, I will love writing here for you even more!

Am in need of creativity, tasting all dishes raw & cooked, photographing food on my terrace, munching on turnip and checking if the flavor matches with peaches, etc! I also love cooking with company, so I’ll be inviting friends to join me in this adventure. After my urging thirst for inspiration has been quenched, I will come back to you with new style and delicious energy.

To celebrate the return of the Je..Banana, I look forward to seeing you here sometime end of summer – to indulge in new, festive, happy, mouth watering recipes together.

In the meanwhile, in times hurried & healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, I leave you in the very capable pots & pans of Susane Jane White, Nigella Lawson and Minimalist Baker. Love my recipes, too? Well, feel free to still browse the blog of course!

See you soon & don’t slip on a banana,



P.s. Chef’s Table season 2 is now out on Netflix!


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