DIY: How to make Almond Milk (in different flavors)

It’s always a daring step to try out something new, but the health benefits of almond milk and the simplicity of making your own, are reasons enough try out the challenge of making homemade almond milk :). This is where I buy good quality almonds in Leiden! INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: SOAK. Grab 100g raw almonds and … More DIY: How to make Almond Milk (in different flavors)

Cozy Autumn Oatmeal

Oatmeal recipes are endless so there’s no need to be boring about it. Here’s a super tasty autumn oatmeal twist! Autumn is the season of brown and reddish colors, cozy warm sweaters and luxurious spices. In this recipe, there are pecans, dried apples, cinnamon, maple syrup and goji berries. Autumn colors and spices intertwined for setting … More Cozy Autumn Oatmeal

Drunk Peaches

A dear friend of mine made a lovely peach & yoghurt dessert the other night. I found it splendid! With permission, I now share the recipe with you all, for amazing sassy dates or girly nights to come. 🙂 Ingredients For 4 persons. Prep time: 20 minutes. Wild peaches, 4 White wine, 400ml Sugar, brown, unrefined, 2 tbsp Organic … More Drunk Peaches